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Mr. Fitrisyah is an accomplished legal counsel with a wealth of experience in a wide range of legal disciplines, including general corporate affairs, mergers and acquisitions, finance and banking, investment, and labor law. He has an established track record of success in international transactions, having represented both domestic and offshore clients and established global alliances with over 130 countries. Throughout his career as a corporate lawyer, Mr. Fitrisyah has provided expert counsel to a diverse array of clients, including private equity firms, international corporations, and law firms. His deep understanding of the regional and global legal landscape, acquired through years of experience, enables him to effectively understand the unique needs of his clients and provide comprehensive solutions to any legal issues they may encounter in their business operations. As Managing Partner of this esteemed firm, Mr. Fitrisyah is responsible for overseeing all legal services provided by the firm and ensuring that clients receive the highest level of representation and guidance.
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