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Fitrisyah Winata & Partners



Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.18A 

Jakarta Selatan 12410

Phone: +6221 75812308


For any inquiries or job application, please drop us a message via the form below*

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* Our response should be treated privately and confidentially. Any disclosure, reproduction, distribution, or any action which abuse the intention of such in connection with its contents or any attachments by anyone other than the designated recipient is strictly prohibited. Any information provided in the response shall not, and must not be considered as a legal opinion, and therefore, the response provided must never be interpreted as recommendation, suggestion or an offer, or to be disclosed to other party as a recommendation, suggestion or offer, which to be used as a basis in taking any form of decision, action and/ or omission. Any loss or other form of consequences that occur as the result of such action is beyond the responsibility of the Fitrisyah & Partners.

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