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Hesky Ondo Manurung, SH, LLM, is a distinguished legal expert with a specialization in the creative, media, and entertainment industry. He has in-depth expertise in intellectual property law, bolstered by extensive experience in corporate and commercial legal practices.
Having practiced at HHP Lawfirm, a member firm of Baker McKenzie International in Indonesia, Hesky brings with him a rigorous understanding of both domestic and international legal landscapes. Subsequently, his professional journey has been marked by significant legal and business roles within both national and multinational corporations, showcasing his versatility in aligning legal strategies with business objectives.
Academically, Hesky holds a law degree from Universitas Indonesia and further his IP law expertise with an LLM from Queen Mary University of London.
Hesky offers a unique blend of legal acumen and corporate strategy, making him a vital asset for entities operating within the creative, media and entertainment sectors.

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