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Dr. Hendra Yospin, S.H., LL.M is a highly accomplished and respected legal professional, who has held a number of prestigious positions throughout his career. He is a former ad hoc judge for the corruption court, serving in this role from 2006 to 2015. Throughout his tenure as a judge, Dr. Yospin was exposed to a wide range of high-profile cases, including those involving notable figures such as Aulia Tantowi Pohan, Burhanuddin, Hotasi Nababan, and Angelina Sondakh.

Dr. Yospin's education and qualifications are also noteworthy. He obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Andalas in 1985 and went on to earn his master's degree from the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2003. Most recently, in 2019, he earned his Doctoral degree from the University of Jambi. His extensive education and experience have undoubtedly contributed to his high level of knowledge and expertise in the legal field.

Dr. Yospin's integrity and professionalism have earned him the respect of both clients and colleagues alike. He is also an admitted advocate registered with the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). Overall, Dr. Hendra Yospin is a highly accomplished legal professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge, who has made a significant impact in the field of law.

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