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Rizky Nugraha, S.H  Partner
Mr. Nugraha is an accomplished Partner at our firm, with a primary focus on Litigation and Dispute Resolution. With over 8 years of legal practice under his belt, he has developed a diverse range of expertise, including criminal law, civil disputes, and arbitration. He has an extensive background in business competition, employment issues, and corruption matters, and has represented and advised both domestic and international clients from a variety of industries. He has a wealth of experience in advocating for clients in court and has appeared before numerous courts throughout Indonesia. Mr. Nugraha is also an admitted advocate registered with the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI), which is a testament to his professional qualifications and credibility. He is well-versed in the legal system and has a deep understanding of the nuances of litigation and dispute resolution, making him an invaluable asset to clients seeking to resolve complex legal issues. He is highly skilled in providing strategic legal advice and representation, and has a proven track record of success in resolving disputes both in and out of court.
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